The Story


The youngest of five, mother of three, grandma of two little ones and wife of a large one, life has given me many a varied experiences. At a very early age I began preaching to my dolls and stuffed animals and led the neighbourhood antics, and adopted a few elderly people as my own. Since the primary school playground I’ve fought for the underdog, having my sense of justice land me more than once in the principal’s office or in pickle. In a nutshell, my spiritual journey has been one of God peeling back my fingers of control on my life to open my life to become a safe place for the hurting and marginalized without judgement and be a voice for them.

I love to read and ride bicycles… but not at the same time - same with writing and wakeboarding. Cooking is also a happy place as I try to make the world a better place one cookie at a time. My winters’ include snow skiing, walking in the silence of a fresh snow, and trying to stay warm.

My eyes light up when I get to hover near my family; husband, Randy and 3 kids; Luke, Rachael (Johnny), Hannah (Chad) and grandsons, Santiago and Solomon, the little sparks that keep my heart light. Spending time with our parents and extended family doesn’t happen enough.

Raised in a family legacy of God’s love, and as a committed bond-servant to the Gospel, my vocational passion is to love those on the fringe and fight for  the most marginalized of society, which I currently do through  the street level church Metro Community in Kelowna, Canada. Unafraid, I am willing to dig deep into Truth, ask the tough questions, with the prayer that others will taste and see that the LORD is Good.