Book Recommendations

I’ve traded in my beside table for a bedside bookshelf… I don’t many have original ideas or insights but certainly have been inspired by many great writings.

There was a list published a few years ago, entitled “25 Must Reads for Every Christian”, so I’ve taken the challenge to read them all. Here are a few highlights from that list:


"The Way of the PilgrIm"

A Russian wanderer/pilgrim who carries only “the Philokalia”. I discovered the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.”


Written by C.S. Lewis... this is a timeless classic and a great foundational book on faith and reason in Christianity.

Brothers karamazov

Fydor Doestoevesky's final novel written before his death, he dives into the ethical debates of God, morality, and free will.

The Cloud of Unknowing

I bought and read this book years ago which was part of thebeginning of grasping humility and contemplation.