Who is Sandy?

I live for Story, so being the youngest of five, mother of three, grandma of two, and wife of one, life has given me many stories. At a very early age, I began preaching to my dolls and stuffed animals and led the neighbourhood kids in playful antics. Since the primary school playground I’ve stood up for the underdog, having my sense of justice land me more than once in the principal’s office or a prickly situation. My personal narrative has been one of God peeling back my fingers of control on my life to open myself to become a safe place for the hurting and marginalized.

Considering myself an active contemplative who tries to be present in the moment, I love to read and ride bicycles, write and wakeboard… but not at the same time. I relish the beauty in being mindful while enjoying the physical exercise in the fresh air. My curiosity and sense of wonder is fed by my love of travel and vice versa. People’s stories and their geography are invigorating and life giving to me on many levels so I enjoy trying to capture life as it is through photography.

My vocational passion is to live life with those on the fringe and fight for the most marginalized of society and to make their stories known which I currently am through the street level church Metro Community in Kelowna Canada. Unafraid, I am willing to dig deep into truth, ask the tough questions and walk alongside people as they discover their unique and sacred story of self, I.



Here you'll find the latest thoughts, musings, and updates. My mother always said I had a wild imagination, my friends wonder what planet I came from and my brothers told me I was adopted...


Book reviews & Recommendations

I’ll give you my humble opinion on books I’ve read. Some books are a must read in my world and others…not so much. There's also some "must read" recommendations.



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